Create ISO file | How to make a ISO image for windows 7, 8, 10 USB/DVD (With usb flash drive)


Create ISO file | How to make a ISO image for windows 7, 8, 10 USB/DVD (With usb flash drive)

Dear friends, today the topic I have appeared on is how we will create an ISO file from a Windows 7,8 or 10 disk and how to boot a pen drive from that ISO file.
Many people may know this process. But this tune for those who are inexperienced in this regard. If the same tune is already in Tutorial, then forgive me. If there is any problem, Comment let me know. I will try to solve.

1) ISO

2) Windows 7-USB-DVD-tool

This software is very easy if we search Google.
At first we will install the software, and the disk that will create the ISO will insert the disk into the computer. Then we will take the steps shown below.

1) Open the Iso software.
2) Click the Try It button.
3) Then click on Tools Iso From CD / DVD-Rom button.
4) Click on the Browse button of the Output File section to give the name of the ISO file and show where the file will be saved.
5) In the Output Format section, select standard ISO Image File.
6) Then click on the OK button and wait until the ISO file begins to be 100%.
7) Once the ISO file is created, take it to the USB port of the pen drive.
8) Open Windows 7-USB-DVD-tool software and click on Browse button to select the ISO file.
9) Then follow the steps Next ( Begain Copying) Erase Usb Device- Yes in the Buttons.
10) After 1% to 100%, the backup will appear written.
In this way, we can make ISO files from Windows 7,8,10 DVD discs and boot the pen drive from that ISO file, just follow the steps. Even then, if you have difficulty understanding, I will give you the video of this whole process for you. Seeing will benefit. Thank you for reading this tune to waste your valuable time.